For only $3.99 you can offset your Facebook profile here and we will let your friends know you are taking action to help stop global warming

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In Fact,

in it's sustainability reports, Facebook states that every
profile emits 296 grams of CO2 each year!

Social Media is a way of life and necessary for all of us
to receive news and keep in touch with friends and family.
The question then becomes, how do we continue to use
social media while balancing its negative environmental
That's where we come in.


Rising sea levels,
draught, extinction.

We hear all these daunting terms about climate change and feel overwhelmed. We think we are too little to act and change the world's course.

These thoughts have to stop.
We need to understand our impact.
We have the power to change the world.

Carbon Neutral Profile

We offset your carbon emissions and certify
your Facebook profile as carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral Profile



In fact, we offset 10 times the average
profile's carbon emission. Why?

Why not?...

As a social enterprise, we are aiming to be part of the solution to greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

According to our research, a person that
publicly states his commitment to the envi-
ronment is 3 times more inclined to make
lifestyle changes that have a positive envi-
ronmental impact.

GoProfileGreen offers a grassroots approach to the challenge of global warming by encouraging individual action and responsibility.

We see this as the single most important and feasible way of creating a significant change in the world on a collective scale.

Be part of the solution

Help us make the social media industry reach carbon neutrality.

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Join us and be a part of the solution.
Help us make the social media industry reach carbon neutrality.
Invite your friends to have an even larger impact on the world.
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